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Barnwell Recreation Area Information 







Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area
6284 State Highway 155 N  
Gilmer, TX 75645    



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Barnwell Mountain's Website

Official Website for the City of Gilmer, Texas  



  • From Gilmer, TX, turn east onto State Highway 155 North (this is a stoplight). Go approximately five (5) miles and as you start to climb a hill, look for a green sign on the left that points to the right that says "Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area". Be sure to watch for the turn off because it is at the crest of the hill. You will miss it if you are not paying attention. This sign is directly across the highway from the entrance. Turn right, check in at the gate, and up the hill to the office where you will finish the check in process.


Office Coordinates: 32.8007,-94.8759

Park Rules & Regulations


  • SCARR is a Land Rover event, organized by a Land Rover Club and sponsored in part by Land Rover Dealerships. Therefore, only attendees driving Land Rovers will be allowed to run the trails. Members may bring non Rover vehicles for towing, camping, and running back and forth on the properties main access road, but will not be allowed to participate in the trail runs or group photos. ATVs or dirt bikes are NOT permitted at SCARR. This is due to the fact that our special event liability insurance covers SCARR as a Land Rover event and does not include ATVs or dirt bikes.


  • NO alcohol will be permitted on any trail. This applies to both driver and passenger. If you are caught with alcohol on a trail you will be asked to leave the event with no refund.