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Frequently Asked Questions of SCARR

  1. How do I get in and out of the park? The front gate will be open all day from 8:00 AM to Midnight on Wednesday, Thursday, and   Friday. After Midnight AM, the gate will lock - attendees can exit as the gate will automatically open, but cannot re-enter until 8:00 AM. The gate will close at midnight on Saturday night.
  2. Where are the dinners held?  At the main pavilion behind the registration office.
  3. Where are the bathrooms? P orta-potties are at the campsite. Toilettes and showers are at the main office & near the main pavilion.
  4. How do I buy ice? Ice will be sold at the front registration desk during registration desk hours - correct change is appreciated. The price will be listed at the desk.
  5. I have an RV, where can I hook up? All of the RV sites are located either near the office or past the pavilion - there are no hookups at camp Mabey. Please call BMRA to reserve a site.
  6. Where should Igo to camp? Camp Mabey is the rally point and main camping site - follow the signs back to the camp; it’s about a 10 minute drive. Old Camp will be another established campsite where the Fun Zone will reside for the week. You are welcome to take advantage of any of the campsites on the property. If you use them, please be respectful of the other clubs’ campsites and make sure to leave it cleaner than you found it.
  7. I haven't pre-registered, but I'm here, what can I do? If you are just staying for the day, the fee is $60 per vehicle/driver per day, plus $40 per passenger 12 years and older - you will not be able to participate in the meals, and a T-shirt is not guaranteed.
  8. I have pre-registered but I need to add a passenger? Passengers 12 years and older are $40 each, but we can't guarantee a t-shirt. If you need to add a passenger prior to SCARR, you can simply email us ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and we can add your guest to your registration.
  9. Who is in charge here? I would really like to compliment them on their hard work or I have a question. Please see one of the club officials who will be wearing a colored shirt with “STAFF” printed on it; they can be spotted all around the park.
  10. May I run trails at night? Yes, but 10:00 PM is the cutoff - you need to be OFF THE TRAIL AT 10:00 PM. Absolutely, NO trail running after 10:00PM or your name/info will be given to BMRA to take action against you for park rule violations.
  11. What’s the deal with the raffle? We have two raffles during the dinner on Saturday night – you must be present to win. Grand Prize Raffle - every driver has an equal opportunity – there will be one ticket in your packet designated for that raffle - make sure you hang on to it. All other prizes go into the General Raffle - you will receive 15 general raffle tickets in your packet.
  12. My spouse/friend is meeting me here later tonight – is that ok?  Yes, but they need to be registered as an attendee and listed on the waiver form - please notify the registration desk so they can inform the front gate guard to let them pass.
  13. Do I need a CB radio? Yes, it is highly recommended to have CB radio or a hand-held CB to communicate with spotters, trail leaders, and other drivers.
  14. Where do I find firewood for campfires?  Firewood will be located at Camp Mabey and you may pick wood up to take to your campsite. Please remember to make sure all campfires are completely extinguished on Sunday before you leave.